Clearing the hurdles, one by one...

This journey is teaching me some valuablel lessons.

So far, everything that could go wrong... has.

4 days of madness getting all the prints made was exhausting but we overcame all the hiccups to get a great result.

Because I have no choice but to deliver on such a big project, I have had to be completely solution focused. There has been no time for pointing fingers or feeling sorry for myself... just fix it. All hurdles have been jumped to date.

After the printing process in Coventry I drove back to London to set up this gallery space at a BIG licensing show in London where clubs from the UK and Europe come to see what's new in the merchandise world of sport. The booth looked fantastic after set up on Sunday afternoon. When my UK colleague Andy and I arrived on Monday morning for the show, the booth was in pieces. Almost all the canvases and framed prints had fallen down. Broken glass everywhere and one frame had almost gone right through the back of one big canvas. DISASTER. The show had already started!!

A frantic clean up and about a kilometre of velcro got us back up and running to enjoy a great day... although I had to spin around at the first sound of crackling velcro to catch a couple of canvases as they came loose! We had lots of great responses to the work and the Dream Scene concept. Well worth the effort as we have a few exciting new leads.

At 6am this morning I was on the road for a 5 hour drive up to Liverpool to greet the original painting as it arrived at Anfield (Liverpool FC's home ground). The photo below might seem like a boring shot but it is by far my favourite!! The painting in the storage room at the club's museum. It has travelled a long way and is now safe and sound at it's new home.

All is in readiness for the grand unveiling in front of 80 or so of the Liverpool FC family. All the members and descendants of the players in the painting have been invited. I can't wait.


I had my first REAL feedback on the painting today. The 60 year old security guard at the stadium David, who has followed the club since birth, had a private viewing of the painting as it arrived. He lives and breathes this club and he LOVED IT. He's getting a print for each of his son's for xmas. That is the best seal of approval I could hope for.