About Jamie Cooper, International sports artist since 1985



Australian artist, Jamie Cooper is also a former professional footballer in the AFL (Australian Football League) where he played 4 seasons, before retiring to develop his creative talents.

He left Australia and worked as a commercial artist in London, painted public murals in Greece and was employed as a political caricature artist for a Danish national newspaper in Copenhagen.  

Since then, Jamie has become the creative force behind the internationally successful “Dream Scene” painting concept, producing major historical artworks for numerous professional sporting organisations in Australian, the United States and the U.K.  

Jamie’s unique combination of artist and elite athlete has been the feature of several TV, radio and print editorials over the years and has now gained international recognition. 

Cooper’s star continued to rise on the international stage with commissioned artworks of MLB giants, the New York Yankees and The Philadelphia Phillies. This has led to several commissions from prominent Collectors in the States and his profile rising swiftly in that country.  

His unique ability to bring legendary players together from several eras into one magical moment in time has now captured the attention of European football clubs with Dream Scene projects for Manchester City, Sheffield Wednesday and Real Madrid due for release in 2017. 

Jamie believes that his experience as a professional athlete has given him a unique perspective as a sports artist. "During my days as a player I was exposed to many fantastic moments and images, seen through the eyes of both an athlete and an artist. Now I can use those experiences to highlight the history, emotion and passion of sporting culture through my art."

For 20 years Jamie and the team at JCAP have been creating and delivering artistic projects for some of the biggest sporting clubs in the world. 

The combination of business expertise, artistic talent, strong marketing skills and commitment to the quality and integrity of the product has seen JCAP grow from a small business with potential, to a thriving international Art Production company.

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