The grand unveiling at Anfield

A very special night at Anfield to present the Liverpool FC Dream Scene to the family members and players depicted in the painting along with a select few fans. What a pleasure it was for me to share this private unveiling and to get the warm feedback from those close to this image. I am always nervous until the people who it means a lot to, have seen it.

It is amazing to know that this painting will now remain at this great club for all their fans to enjoy. It has taken 4 years of planning and work to bring this project to life and it has now finally happened.

We had a perfect wrap up to the project on Saturday when I spent a few hours in the Club's Superstore in front of the painting talking to the fans, before being wined and dined in the Executive Lounge prior to a 3-0 win against Southampton. Best seats in the house too! It was great to experience the unique Anfield atmosphere as the crowd broke into their anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone".


This has been an an incredible adventure. The two weeks here have been a whirlwind. From 4 days of production of the paper and canvas prints, to delivery of the painting to the club, last minute production emergencies, to the unveiling and the day at the game. Keeping up with the frenzy of a social media campaign and trying sleep with so much adrenalin in the system!

And just like that... it is done.

Time to make the long trek home to my family.